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UFC On ESPN 9 Results : Gilbert Burns Dominates Tyron Woodley To Win Decision

UFC On ESPN 9 Results : Gilbert Burns Dominates Tyron Woodley To Win Decision ↑ Grab this Headline Animator
Fast rising contender Gilbert Burns brought former Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley some rude awakening in the main event of UFC On ESPN 9 Main event on Saturday night at the Apex Center.

Woodley went into the fight after almost more than a year away from the Octagon and his return wasn't as palatable as he perceived, with Gilbert Burns pressuring and dominating him from the opening round till the end to win a unanimous decision 50-44 twice and 55-45 on the Judges scorecards.
“I’m very happy. I trained so hard for this fight. I knew I could do it. I was calling this guy out for a reason,” Burns told Daniel Cormier in his post-fight interview. “My name now has got to be the No. 1 contender. I love the champ, my training partner Kamaru Usman, but c’mon – give me the shot. I’ve got a lot of love for you, but I’m next. I want to fight for the title. If they want to make the f…

McLaren Executive Director Zak Brown Speaks On Honda Relationship

McLaren Executive Director Zak Brown Speaks On Honda Relationship

McLaren executive director Zak Brown gave out his reasons for the public Criticism of Honda saying, it was all for the fans who deserved a response for the bad performance in Monaco and the races before. 

Zak had told the media few days back that their relationship with Honda was heading towards "a fork in the road" and that they seem lost in their F1 project. This was made  worst when news arrived that Honda's Upgrade for this weekends Canadian Grand Prix will not be ready in time for the event.

"I've spoken to Hasegawa-san, they're understanding about it," Brown said. "We spoke about it. But the relationship between us on a personal level is very healthy, there's no shouting, screaming, and I don't think there was anything said in there that wasn't fair or accurate.

"We have lots of fans and partners that are asking questions they deserve answers too. I'm trying to do the best I can to communicate to everyone what's going on but being respectful of the boundaries that it's a business relationship.

"This isn't something that can be played out publicly but I felt McLaren needed to have a little bit more their views out there, because everyone's frustrated and I think being open and transparent is the only way to do it. If we say here and said 'life's great', everyone would be wondering why I haven't been fired yet."

"There isn't a firm deadline but I think it's safe to say right around the summer break you're pretty far advance in your 2018 planning. So it's got to be in that timeframe that we make decisions on what we think will get McLaren back to the front of the field and we have a strong desire for that to be with Honda."

"I think we're very committed to Honda as we sit here today. That hasn't changed. We're giving 110% effort into that relationship. We were anticipating some fairly significant changes here this weekend, which has been well documented, and we found out not so long ago that we wouldn't be getting those and so I would say that very disappointing news and not getting what we anticipated gets you to think and question whether we can get there together at the end of the day."

"What we want to see now is it work. We were around the tests obviously very frustrated and disappointed. But they laid out a plan for us. And we were as comfortable as we could be in the environment, and some of that stuff has happened and not worked, some of it has happened and has worked, and some of it is not here yet. Ultimately what we need to see is delivery of what their expectations are on where they think they are going to get the power unit in the foreseeable couple of months."


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